10.06.15Cast: USC Training video

I am pleased to announce my first casting in LA: I will be playing a veteran in a training video for therapists, being produced by USC. I a excited to be a small part of supporting vets who need help with the multitude of stresses they experience upon returning from combat situations.

Clips will be added ASAP!

09.17.15Proud to be a Patriette!

Excited to announce I will be sporting my sweetest dance moves for the upcoming pilot of Patriettes! This is a super exciting project made by a collaboration of uber-talented women, and I'm so proud to be a part.

Link the link below for more info!

08.10.15Arrived in LA!

It's official: I am now a Californian!

Looking forward to pursuing my dream of working more on-camera and in the Voice Over industry. Especially excited to be closer to where Sci-Fi movies and TV shows are cast...Keep an eye out for me in the cockpit of a spaceship that doesn't yet exist, I'm gunning for some intergalactic adventures.

05.06.15Moving to the West Coast!

I have officially decided it's time to pick up and head west, young woman! I will be relocating to Los Angeles as of August 10th, looking to pursue more on-camera action! I'll keep you updated on my progress in the city of angels...

04.22.15Keep an ear out for Geico's "Break-up Letters" Campaign...

Hey there, radio-listeners:

Keep your ears tuned for the "Break-Up Letters" campaign, coming to your local stations in the next few weeks. The voice of "Tara, in Telluride" should sound familiar to you...

04.02.15New Film Reel!

Please check out the Film Reel section of my website, I've uploaded a new reel cut from the footage of A Crime to Remember!

02.10.15We're open!

The show has opened!! We had a sold out audience and were very well received by Reggio Emilia. I've had a great time so far, learning from my cast-mates and the students in our classes. It's been very fun to see Shakespeare again for the first time through their experience, and exciting to see them grasp the poetry and beauty of his work.

01.16.15Leaving on a jet plane...

Well, I'm off for Hamlet in Italy! I'll be spending the next 2 months rehearsing and performing in Reggio Emilia, San Lazzaro, and Bologna. I'm very excited to work with the fabulous creators of Teatro delle Due, and to teach high school students about Shakespeare. More to come...

12.17.14A Crime to Remember: Accident on Banyan Street now live online!

My episode aired yesterday, and it's now available to view online! Click the link below to have a look.

Thanks to everybody at XCON Productions for an amazing experience! I could not be more happy with the episode, the artistry amongst those folks is paramount.

12.17.14My episode of A Crime to Remember now available online!

My episode has aired and is now available to view online! Follow the link below to have a look.

Thanks to everyone at XCON Productions for making my television debut experience absolutely delightful! I could not be happier with the final cut of the episode...the artistry of those folks is paramount.

11.18.14Date released for airing of A Crime to Remember episode

It has just been announced that my episode of A Crime to Remember will air on Tuesday, December 16th at 10:00pm EST. Can't wait!

For a trailer and clip, click below!

10.15.14Booked a VO for a Geico commercial!

I just found out that I'll be recording a Geico commercial for the radio tomorrow morning! Listen up, early morning commuters, you just may hear me reading a break up letter to my old insurance company sometime soon...

08.23.14I will be playing Ophelia in Italy in 2015!

I have been cast as Ophelia in a Hamlet performing in Reggio Emilia, Italy in January-March 2015! The company is called Teatro delle Due, and I am very excited to revisit a character I played my senior year of undergrad. More info to come.

To visit Teatro delle Due's website, click the link below.

08.06.14Cast as Lucille Miller in "A Crime to Remember: Episode 205"!

I'm ecstatic to report that I will be filming my very first TV show at the end of this month!

I will get to play the murderous housewife, Lucille Miller, in "A Crime to Remember" for the Investigation Discovery network.

More info to come...

06.07.14And to the Republic Review

I don't know what to say about the incredibly generous words written by Stephen Holt (www.youtube.com/user/StephenHoltShow, https://stephenholtshow.wordpress.com/), except that I am extremely humbled and grateful to the Guerilla Shakespeare Project for giving me such an amazing opportunity. A few snippets:

"I’ve never felt like I’ve ever REALLY seen Shakespeare’s Cleopatra performed right, that is until tonight when the young and beautiful actress Tiffany Baker just blew the roof off of the tiny Main Stage of the Workshop Theater on 312 West 36th Street."

"I got the feeling after seeing Tiffany Baker’s ASTOUNDING turn as the Queen of the Nile that she could play ANYthing."

"She is at turns, sultry, seductive, intelligent, powerful, passionate, defiant, fierce, funny, all the adjectives that you think Cleopatra should be. With a whiskey voice that suggests Tullalah Bankhead crossed with Jacqueline Kennedy, she is royalty personified."

For the full review, visit the link below.

05.26.14"And to the Republic" now open!

"And to the Republic" is now officially open! We run May 24th-June 7th at the Workshop Theater, 312 W 36th Street on the 4th floor, between 8th and 9th Aves. 90 minutes, no intermission. Come see the Roman plays reconstructed into an original plot-line...it's Shakespeare's words...it's our story.

Click the link below for tickets!

03.17.14Ether Dome reading a success!

The reading of "Ether Dome" was a complete success! We had a wonderful cast, insightful direction, and it was such a treat to have Elizabeth Egloff in the room with us during rehearsals over the past week, busily typing away and rewriting, honing the script to be the best it could be. Many thanks to my wonderful agents at The Mine, Michael Wilson who directed us, and Alaine Alldaffer who cast the reading!

02.20.14Cast as Cleopatra in "And To the Republic" with The Guerilla Shakespeare Project!

I'm thrilled to announce that I've been cast as Cleopatra in Guerrilla Shakespeare's new adaptation of the Roman Plays, titled "And To the Republic." I have been a HUGE fan of GSP's work for several years now, and I am so excited to get to work with this exciting company of incredibly dynamic artists and performers! "And To the Republic" will be directed by Geordie Broadwater, and will enjoy a run May 24th - June 7th at The WorkShop Main Stage, 312 West 36th Street NYC, 4th floor.

02.19.14Ether Dome: A Staged Reading for Hartford Stage

I have been cast in a staged reading of Elizabeth Egloff's new play "Ether Dome" which is being produced by Hartford Stage! I will be playing Elizabeth Wells, the wife of the dentist Horace Wells, who first experimented with using Nitrous Oxide for pain relief. The reading will be directed by critically acclaimed director, Michael Wilson and will take place in March 2014.

01.16.14First National Commercial: Booked! Trulia Commercial to air in Spring/Summer 2014

I will be appearing in a national commercial campaign for the real estate searching website and app Trulia in spring/summer 2014! It will be produced by Smuggler, directed by Randy Krallman, and starring Quincy Dunn-Baker (no relation!) and myself. And I may be sporting a baby bump...

09.09.13Performing in the New York Clown Festival

I am so excited to finally be a part of the NY Clown Theatre Festival this year! I will be performing an original piece titled "Until Next Time" that was spear-headed by the brilliant David Quay and devised in part by myself and the following crazy-talented folks: Annabelle Rollison, Alexander Salamat, Austin Purnell, Molly Bernard, Sofiya Akilova, and Stanton Nash.

This show runs around 30 minutes and is a comic pantomime of a clown's confrontation with The End. It's funny, it's moving, it's dialogue-less, if that gets you going. More information, including tickets, at the "launch related site" link below.

Performances are Sept 21 and 27 at 7pm, and Sept 28 at 3pm.

Hope to see you there! :o)

08.27.13New Representation: The Mine!

I am pleased to announce I have new representation: I just signed this very afternoon with The Mine! Cheers to David, Paula, and Dustin, with whom I am very much looking forward to working!